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Almonds, which are rich of vitamins and mineral salts beneficial to our organism, are one of the main ingredients of many Apulian recipes.

They provide good energy to our body and contain vegetable proteins and fiber which helps the well-being of our intestine. They are good for our bones due to the presence of calcium.

In the heart of Salento, “Le Primizie” company select the almonds as tradition. The company uses semi-automatic processes to shell and peel the almonds; the human presence is essential during all the production stages.
Our almonds are appreciated for their rich flavour and their high-energy diet. Almonds, which are a fundamental ingredient for the Mediterranean diet represent a typical gastronomic product of high quality, valued and precious.

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All our products are rigorously cultivated in Apulia – Salento with natural techniques and processed entirely by hand!

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