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The fig, which is a plant and a fruit widely spread in Puglia, has become an interesting product of the culinary art non only because it is a fruit, but also because it is used in many recipes, both traditional and in new extremely innovative ways.

In the heart of Salento, “Le Primizie company dries the figs according to a precise process that has been handed down from generation to generation. The “Dried Figs of Salento” that our company produce, due to the natural drying (through sun exposure) and to the territories conditions appear to be unique for their softness, pastiness and their delicate taste.
The dried figs have always been recognized as their high-energy diet and they have always been a fundamental ingredient in the farmer’s diet (Mediterranean diet): today dried figs represent an high quality typical gastronomic product which is highly valued and precious.

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All our products are rigorously cultivated in Salento with natural techniques and entirely handmade!

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