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Le Primizie del Salento

Apulian specialities based on figs and almonds.


Apulian specialities based on figs and almonds.


Apulian specialities based on figs and almonds.


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Apulian specialities based on figs and almonds.

We have been passing down to our children and our clients our traditional products for more than half a century.
Our packages are made 100% of Apulian-salentini products
and it is possible to buy our specialities by contacting us directly online or buying them at the best grocery stores.

Main products


Almonds are rich in vitamins and mineral salts, beneficial to our organism. They are among the main ingredients of many traditional Apulian recipes. They provide good energy for the body and they are made with vegetable proteins and fibre that help the well-being of the intestine. They are good for our bones thanks to the presence of calcium.

Dried figs

The fig, which is a fruit widespread in the Apulian region, has become an interesting product of culinary art, by being not only a fruit, but also a possible ingredient of numerous recipes, both traditional and extremely innovative.

The production

Discover our production process.

The fruits that we offer to our clients are the symbol of the most typical salentina tradition.

The selection of the fruits is the fundamental part of our work, that it starts in the fields and ends with the packaging.
The figs, after the harvest of the first fruit, which is called “fiorone” and which is also enjoyed fresh, are harvested by skilled workmen and positioned on the so-called “cannizzi”, where the figs are sun-dried according to the salentina tradition. Depending on the degree of ripeness, the fresh figs are half-cut or left entirely to dry.

As soon as the figs arrive at our warehouse we precisely make an additional selection, in which the fruits that do not reflect the desired features are removed and intended for other productions ( jams, syrups, distillates etc.)
The selected figs are washed and dried gently and are then cut with special knifes in order that both sides remain attached to the stalk: this procedure is required to form the famous “figs couple”.

Fruits are so differentiated by filled figs and natural figs. The already cut figs are then overlapping and used for the production of the natural figs. On the contrary, the already unsplit figs are filed with toasted almonds and then are overlapping.

The hardest part of the production is the baking because it is very important to making sure that the figs won’t burn. When the figs are still worm, they are placed in handmade baskets and then enriched with honey syrup and bay leaf.

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Typical Products of Salento

All our products are rigorously cultivated in Apulia – Salento with natural techniques and processed entirely by hand!

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